How To Buy an Axe

I get the question every day, so here is a guide on how to buy one of my axes. I am a one man shop, so I sell axes one at a time and they sell quickly. First, you need to join my Facebook group Conrad Blacksmithing (link below). Second, turn notifications on for posts on the Facebook group, this will alert you when I post an axe. I post the website drop times of every axe at least one hour before they sell. Website drops are usually in the evening and always in mountain standard time. Once you see the sale post on my Facebook group, you can read the drop time and price as well as look a pictures and a video of the product. Once you know the drop time you can use a payment app to speed up your checkout process as most axes sell in under 10 seconds.

The other option is my Facebook group lottery. Sometimes instead of dropping an axe on the website, I post a lottery on my group. This is where I do the regular sale post with price and pictures, but give you the opportunity to comment "in" for a chance to buy the axe. At the end of the lottery, I put the comments into a random number generator and whoever gets picked gets to buy the axe.

These are the only two ways I currently sell axes. I don't take orders.